Fun Facts about a Fairytale City called Vienna

Vienna is an incredible city!!! Its like a fairytale with its palaces and royal mountains, rolled in a splendid package. From my trip there in 2002, I remember a few fun facts. This time, instead of writing about my time spent here, I would like to talk about its uniqueness.

Ok let me start with the funny, odd and impressive things that I noticed in this beautiful city.

One of its only kind and one of the oldest Giant Wheel is in Vienna, situated in a large wooded amusement park called Prater. It is as tall as 209 ft and is constructed in 1873. The voilently rocking Gondolas give a spectaculer view of the city.

The 209ft Giant Wheel in Prater

We travelled to this really strange part of the town which had a very queer looking building! It looked like a fairytale castle with a mixture of pinks, blues, yeallows, with odd-sized and shaped widows and even a wall which resembled an indoor mountain climbing wall. I kept thinking…is this a fairytale or reality? I guess it was reality called Hudertwasser’s Architecture. Here, everything we saw was to do with World famous classical composers, including Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Schubert, and Brahms.

I kept it a fairytale castle or reality? It was reality...its Huddertwasserhaus's Architecture

I always remember this place called the Schonbrunn Palace. I don’t have words to describe it…..lush, manicured, magical, enchanting…..I think I can go on… It was a place I would imagine Cinderella or the Sleeping Beauty must’ve lived. Of course, the pictures do not do justice to the place but believe me….it was one of its kind!

Schonbrunn a chile, I thought Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty must've lived here!

The Gardens of the Schonbrunn Palace

Hungry as we were and having a backpackers budget, we decided to stroll through a dainty flea market called Naschkmarkt to grab a bite. This place had some fabuluos finds like antiques and a few bargain-priced castaways. Some oddsome items like traditional hats, aged leather, retro toys seemed to enthral the crowd. Though I am not a big Kebab person, Bipin and I had a humungous lamb kebab just for Euros 3. It not only filled us up but I always remeber its delectable taste and till date haven’t found its match!

The Kebab of Naschmarkt Flea Market

The aisles of Naschmarkt Flea Market

One of the last things I was told was kids less than six years of age travel on Vienna’s public transportation system for free. Sunday and public holidays also mean ‘free-ride day’ for passengers that are aged fifteen and below. How considerate and incredible!