Lively-wood & Me

I love colour and it inspires me the most. An everyday scene I see on a road, for example, the mélange of colours I see on a hand-cart of a guy selling fruits or vegetables or a villager wearing a bright red turban against his brown skin makes me want to create and apply it in my own fashion. During my days back in the USA, I got the opportunity to travel a lot to different places in the USA, Peru, Mexico, Europe, Canada, etc. The one thing I noticed everywhere is the lush colours they use in their day to day lives. Take for example in our own country the people from Rajasthan use such vibrant shades in their clothes to beat the monotony of the deserts. The saga of colours is everywhere and that’s the base of my inspiration. The reason why I started furniture designing and painting is to be able to share and make people feel the power of colour and to make people realize how much of it affects our mood and ambience in the one place we find ourselves comfortable – our homes.

Some of my artwork is displayed below. If you wish to see more, log on to


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