This Town Named Annecy

Where do I start? A town with canals, flower-decked bridges, and cobbled streets sounds so much like any other city in Europe, right? Annecy, where every shade of red, blues and greens are seen, where the waters of its lake change shades during the day and where the tranquility flows in every winding lane makes this place wonderful! This medieval town came up in the 14th Century and is full of  small canals and streams running out of Lac d’Annecy. Its also called the Venice of Savoie in the north of the French Alps.





I lived in Grenoble a city an hour and a half from Annecy. I loved this town so much that we traveled here very often. The winding streets, the flowers, the food and the beautiful lake brought so much peace within me. Wandering into these lanes and experiencing the beauty is all one can do and yet when you leave you haven’t got enough.



Picture 027


The bluest, purest waters of the Lac Annecy is an expanse of paradise. They say that the waters of this lake are clean as ever! It seems the waters of the lake flow into the town feeding the town’s canals. Everything here is just mesmerizing!



Amidst the town is a  Palais de l’Ile or the old prison from the 12th century. This chateau like structure is surprisingly beautiful and is the symbol of the town between the canals.




Picture 026


This place is just beautiful….I cannot recommend it enough!! 🙂



4 thoughts on “This Town Named Annecy

  1. I am sure you must have enjoyed a lot. Good that you shared the beautiful parts of the world with others. Enjoy 🙂

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