The Petite Luxembourg

View of Luxembourg

View of Luxembourg

Back in 2002, I visited this small country of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with a few of my friends. This was the first time I ever visited such a dainty little country in my life. The world’s only constitutional monarchy neighbouring Belgium, France, and Germany. Reshma, Priya, Prakash and I just decided to explore this little country at the spur of the moment. On arrival, we were shocked to know that it has the highest income per capital of any country in the world.

View of Luxembourg

View of Luxembourg

It took us a few hours from Strasbourg to get to the Luxembourg city. I do not recollect what we did through the day but I wanted to write about the marvel I witnessed which was so splendid and enchanting that only pictures of the place might do a little justice to it. We saw a very very tall bridge passing through the centre of the city overlooking a very deep valley. I was a bit curious and stunned to see such a huge gorge-like valley. We all hurried towards the bridge to see how it felt to be so high up. As expected, the bridge is 153 metres tall with huge arches supporting a four lane road which connects the the two sides of the Luxembourg City. This bridge, called the Adolphe Bridge has become an unofficial national symbol of sorts, representing Luxembourg’s independence, and has become one of Luxembourg City’s main tourist attractions.

Reshma & Me on the Bridge Adolphe overlooking the  Pétrusse valley

Reshma & I on the Bridge Adolphe overlooking the Pétrusse valley

On reaching this bridge, we caught such a breathtaking view of the valley of Pétrusse beneath us. The Pétrusse is created by the confluence of the Cessange and the Merl rivulets had no embankments until 1933. Beside its riverbed, one can still see vestiges of the former Bourbon sluice, which was set up in 1728 to flood the upper Pétrusse valley in case of attack by the enemy. We stood there for a while, just trying to take in the beauty of this city.

Valley of Petrusse

Valley of Petrusse

We couldn’t get enough of the gratifying of view of the city and also wanted to go down to the valley. We decided to take a local tour through the valley as well walk up some distance in order to just be and feel the beauty of this place. In this little write-up of Luxembourg, I am going to write less and put up more pictures. Hope the pictures do small justice to the charm of this petite country to Luxembourg.

Another view of Valley of Pétrusse

Another view of Valley of Pétrusse


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